Collect, Review, Decide

Invajo (formerly AppInConf) provides a web based abstract system used for scientific and medical conferences worldwide.

Once the abstracts have been submitted and reviewed, they can be easily transferred / published and scheduled in our virtual platform, on the website or in the conference app.

In the abstract system, those responsible can review and rate submitted abstracts, make notes and comments for the specific abstract and link it to a program item or block.

The abstract part with collecting abstracts for evaluation by about 100 assessors was also extremely professional from the beginning, which enabled a smooth review and evaluation of abstracts for either oral or poster presentation (or rejection). The meeting was simply a success with many praises from participants around the world.

Used by some of Sweden's leading universities and largest scientific conferences:


Everything you need in an abstract system

  • Web based
  • Submission
  • Review
  • Notify
  • Scheduling
  • Abstract book material
  • Participant match

Seamless integrations

Keep everything updated in real time

When you schedule oral presentations or poster sessions and use our virtual platform, conference app or website module, all updates take effect in all places, which facilitates scheduling and saves a lot of time. At the same time, you can feel confident that you always have the correct information.

Abtract system

Create project

- Title
- Authors + affiliations
- Text
- Image
- Topic
- Preferred presentation
- Other custom fields


Create abstract project
notify review accept


  • Review
  • Accept
  • Notify


Easy to build program

You can easily create your program online with the help of our user-friendly program builder.

With drag and drop, you then easily move the right abstract to the right program item. The system then automatically adjust how much time is left in that specific program item.  

schemaläggning abstracts

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